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Coursework requirements

A full member in the IGS North-South is required to obtain at least 12 ECTS credits of coursework from the IGS North-South course programme. A limited number of ECTS from external courses can also be credited pending approval by the IGS North-South Directorate.

An associate member receives a confirmation of participation in individual courses. There is no minimum requirement of ECTS credits.

The IGS North-South offers courses within three different modules:

- Disciplinary and Thematic module
- Integrative Module
- Communication and Publication Module

Here you can find an overview of all modules: Overview of course types

Coursework requirements for full members

A full member will collect 12 ECTS as follows:

  • Minimum of 3 ECTS from the Disciplinary and Thematic module (DTM), whereby students must attend at least one block course of 1.5 ECTS at an IGS North-South partner institute (outside the home institute)
  • Minimum of 5 ECTS from the Integrative module (IM)
  • 4 ECTS according to choice from:
    • Disciplinary and thematic module (DTM)
    • Integrative module (IM)
    • Communication and publication module (CPM)
    • External credits (maximum of 2 ECTS credited for certificate)

This document summarizes the requirements for full members starting after 1.1.2015: Coursework Requirements

For fdaEMembershipMafter 1.1.2015
For further clarification consult the following examples:

 Summary of the admission procedure, types of qualification, and obtaining the certificate:

Admission Procedure Summary (PDF)


What type of membership?
The IGS North-South offers full and associate membership.

How can I become a member?
Have a look at this chart or go directly to this site.

Which form do I use to register?
- Most PhD candidates register with the admission form.
- Only PhD candidates of the Faculty of Science at the University of Bern register with the learning agreement

What coursework do I have to do?
Please check the overview of course types offered. Coursework requirements are listed here.

How do I obtain my certificate?
Have a look at this chart or go directly to this site.